Character interview… Addyson Capes

Interviewer: So today we will be interviewing Miss Addyson Capes…hopefully you will get a clear view of her. Her quirks, her habits, family etc… I hope you enjoy it.

Interviewer: So it is nice to finally meet you Addyson. I have heard such great things about you. I hear you are a survivor, an Inn owner, former librarian.

Addy: Oh, my gosh you know a lot already. My first question is how? I mean… I just met you.

Interviewer: Oh, sorry my bad… I forgot to mention I know your mom Jaylena. She and my boss are acquaintances from college.

Addy: That makes sense then. Yes, my family and I inherited an Inn from my grandmother. It’s a lovely old Queen Ann Victorian house. With a tower and everything. We also have a permanent roommate in a ghost named Maris… I was quite surprised by that in fact. I thought ghosts were just in fairytales like my books.

Interviewer: Wow, you have roommate that’s a ghost? Really. I mean that’s kinda hard to believe. I’m a journalist that works in facts. Spectral beings are just speculation.

Addy: I completely understand the skepticism… I was exactly like you a few months ago. I didn’t believe in all this either. I can now say with certainty ghosts do exist. They are here for reasons unknown to us.

Interviewer: Well that is a factual response. So you inherited an Inn… had you ever been to this Inn before? How has the process been restoring it? It’s seems pretty popular these days fixer upper houses and such…

Addy: Yes, I have been there before. It was when I was a young child. It had been my grandmothers residence. She ran the Inn until her death when I was eighteen. It was in complete disrepair when we inherited it. Thankfully our town has an amazing contractor. His team has been great.

Interviewer: So now a three months later it’s completely refurbished and ready to have guests? I see in my notes it’s set to open in a few weeks?

Addy: Yes, we are excited. I hope the guests will love it as much as we do.

Interviewer: So you used to be a librarian at a large library in the city. What made you change careers from librarian to innkeeper.

Addy: I will just say that all of the changes have made me more aware of who I am as and individual, a sister, aunt, and newly a fiancé… all in all it’s been wonderful.

Interviewer: So last question. Your mother said you were a survivor… she didn’t say from what?

Addy: Laughing…Well, I guess you’ll just have to read the book. I’m not telling you. Let’s just say it was a trial we met and overcame…

Interviewer: That is all the time we have this week. Shaking Addyson’s hand. Thank you miss Capes it’s been a pleasure. Next week we will be interviewing Carter Sands resident contractor in Driftwood bay… we will see you next time!

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