Your voice matters…So Vote!

My mother one year dressed my sister and I as suffragettes…it was for our Harvest festival at our church, we even made cardboard signs with paint stirrers… it’s a wonderful memory. It is a privilege so many fought for. I have voted every year since the day I turned 18…

I admire so many women who worked so we have this right. So many men who fought wars so we could also have this right.

I have tried to stay off social media lately. So many people complain about things but never actually step up and try to change them. They have no room to bitch if they don’t exercise there voice…

I read once that if every women in America voted, we could chose the next president! Quite a powerful statement. So exercise your right to vote. Make your voice heard. You have the power to make change a reality!

Abraham Linclon is perhaps my favorite president. He made mistakes, he suffered losses, he watched thousands die in the civil war… yet he never gave up the hope that someday there would be equality for all men, and women. Equality not based on the color of ones skin, their station in life, each person mattered!

Martin Luther King once said take a step…even if you cannot see where the stairs lead… step anyway… have faith… I have no idea what tomorrow’s election will bring. It is the first time in a long while I believe whole heartily our vote matters…

So vote… make sure your voice is heard loudly… that is all I have tonight friends… Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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