Wisdom…nostalgia…and Star Wars…

I believe I have mentioned before what a nerd I am. It began with reading… then going to the movies as a child…The one that stood out the most for me was Return of the Jedi… I saw this movie in the theatre…it was an amazing experience…I have been able to share this with my children.

Princess Laia was the first women in a film who was fearless… not a damsel in distress a fighter… she was my hero. I wanted to be her.

It is a wonderful thing when a movie…series..a book… a play…can transcend generations. Inspire kids. Give them adventure, humor and love. I always turn to these tried an true traditions when things are rough. Times confusing. They can give us a hope even for a few hours, a hope that can carry us through the next day, next week, next year…I am not staying Star Wars is the be all, best for everyone thing. I am saying that in times like these turn to your traditions, find your joy, your hope…

Yoda is like the wonderful father, or grandfather. The one who imparts wisdom…when we need it most…

The droids… the represent the humor we all need. The quirks in life to bring us from dull and drab to fun… and funny!

That is all I have tonight friends… a wonderful trip down memory lane that imparts wisdom, hope, and humor…Writing like life is a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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