Conversations with the moon…

Do you ever try to work things out by taking to the moon? Well in my moments when I’m working things out for my characters, conflicts, story, plot, relationships I pretty much talk to anyone that will listen…I do this with or without alcohol involved…really!

Tonight I was working through a tenuous scene. Filled with conflict… it was great. I asked the moon after I explained the scene he winked at me…I feel this is validation for the scene… lol

All joking aside… writers sometimes use unconventional methods. Crazy scenarios, odd happenings. We do this to add interest. A bit of quirk to the stories. Everyone can write from point A to point C it’s the fun, the imagination that gets you there. The plausibility this could happen. Like having a conversation with the moon.

I got through the scene. Made it work. It is gratifying to have something in your head originate on paper. As real as the glowing moon. I am in my middle, my second act… the largest and hardest section of the story. Tonight I figured one way to get through it… tomorrow another… as the moon cycles so do my pages, ideas, and vision. I’m hoping it will be all I want it to be…

That is all I have tonight friends…Character interviews are coming…my Halloween short story almost finished…so don’t give up on me…Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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