Starry nights…clear direction

Many people love constellations. Many people love space exploration. I just love the stars. On a clear night it’s beautiful. Tonight I am pretty sure I saw a meteor… it was beautiful.

I had a star I used to wish on every night before bed. I could see it clearly from my window. So I guess I have always had a kinship with the stars. The night sky. I even thought about becoming an astronomer. I Had a poster of all the planets too.

I have found that clear skies, wishes on stars often give a direction. A focus. Clear sky equals clear direction. Even though I know my path it’s still hard to trudge forward…when stuff is not working how you want it too…

Clear direction is great. Following through even better. Focus and move forward. I keep telling myself this daily. It seems to work. I keep following that path. My goal clear. Just completion is foggy.

So friends I keep doing this. I get discouraged. I keep going. So I hope you all will too. Even with uncertainty look up and see the stars. Realize your clear focus and move forward.

That’s all I have tonight friends…life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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