Chardonnay and memory foam…

I think we become an adult once we buy memory foam. A Scientific creation to help us sleep. I have been a light sleeper since my kids were born. I can feel a mattress go bad before anyone else. My husband frequently calls me the princess in the pea. It’s true I feel everything. Only because Sleep is a wonderful thing I value whole heartedly…

I think of Chardonnay in this way too…it’s like a wonderful nap in a glass. Relaxing, fruity, and smooth.

I think I was very mean to naps when I was a child. I was angry at the very idea of a nap. I am so grateful for them now. It is a much needed accessory to my work an home life… naps, that wonderful time when sleep becomes you…

I usually drink Chardonnay when the meal warrants it. Pork roast tonight. It goes together. It’s as fall as the leaves changing. It’s sweet, tart and a little bitter.

My campfire is warm, my glass full. I am grateful for naps and wine.

That is all I have tonight friends… life and writing are a work in process (just like me)😉

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