Introduction to character interviews…

You may ask… what is a character interview? Well it’s almost like a job interview. The job being the story they will be a part of. You need to know your characters inside and out. Their history. Their backstory. Their belief system. If you are able to narrow all this down before you write it makes writing a little easier. You can tailor that character to the story…

Above is one of the many questions you can ask your character. They must feel real to the reader. This is where the layers come in. This is something I have learned… layers make the character more realistic no one is a cardboard cut out…

Above shows another layer. Relationships. I write romances so conflict is always a factor, picking and choosing battles. Couples definitely do this. So your characters must preform like a real couple.

One of my other favorite things to add to my layers is humor, sarcasm, funny scenes. If I am laughing I hope you will too.

So once your in deep in your characters phycological aspects then you can dig even deeper. Then you can ask the compelling questions. You will know the answers provided you do a through interview. In the next few days I will be interviewing my three couples that complete my trilogy I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy this look into the process of writing fictional characters…

That is all I have tonight friends. Please look for my character interview posts this week… Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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