Mermaids are wise…and fairytales are real…

In my current trilogy… I am creating a modern day fairytale… a retelling of the little mermaid. It has been one of my most favorite books, and movies forever. I never felt I could write her well. Now fully invested book number two I am excited, thrilled, in awe of how much you can do with modern fantasy…

When you want something bad enough you work hard for it. It drives you. It consumes you in some aspects. Not in negative ways (unless you include copious amounts of coffee an wine) a good story does all that. A passionate writer even more so!

My generation was introduced to fairytales in a new an modern form starting with “Disney’s the Little Mermaid.” It was a movie my sister, brother and I watched everyday after school. It captivated us in ways no other movie had. On every level we we’re invested in this story. It took me multiple short stories, a multitude of ideas, and hours of stress to discover what I loved most about stories. Fairytales. The movies. The books. Especially Disney’s modern heroines. I was determined to write my own.

Enter stage right Addyson Capes…eyeglass wearing, studious, logical, workaholic bookworm… tossed into a real life fairytale… complete with ghost, a family curse, and a love interest from the past. A women who has always taken fantasy at face value, believing it’s just make believe, imagination. She is tossed into a situation only fiction can provide and where fairytales thrive…

The painting above served as my inspiration to this series. It was painted in 1880… I was shocked to find out even one hundred years ago mermaids were being painted with red hair… much like Ariel in our modern day mermaid… inspiration comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. An idea is just that. Until it grows into something substantial, tangible, concrete…it is a place where I feel is my voice. Modern fairytales with humor, fun, and reality. One where your heart takes the lead and your mind follows closely.

In my consistent research and observations I have noticed a continued fascination with all things mythical, fairytale, and magic. Why not? Life is full of stress, disappointment, anger… why not fill it with imagination and pure joy. When I am writing that is how I feel. Adrift with the images, places, and stories that capture my imagination. This is what I hope to create for you my readers that moment of escape, laughter, joy. It is my hope.

Future installments will feature my characters. Their interviews. And much more.

As I listen to rain…I am grateful for its sound and purpose. Maybe, I am truly a mermaid far from the sea who dreams of diving deep once again. Into the freedom of the ocean. For now I am just an author with a voice, a story, a purpose.

That is all I have tonight friends. May the ocean give you peace, the rain give you solace, and imagination in stories give you joy. Writing and life are a work in progress ( just like me) 😉

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