Hello fall… how did you get here so quick?

It’s so crazy that September is over? I feel like this year has gone by so slow and yet here we are in oct? Wow…lol the above quote cracked me up! I could not stop laughing… it is so true…I told you this was a blog including ramblings lol…

Personally my favorite time of year is the fall. I love the colors. The changes in temperature. The wardrobe change…(boots and sweaters are literally my favorite article of clothing) cooler temperatures bring holidays, apple cider, warm fires, cozy blankets… more reading… all in all the best time of the year!

Apple cider, pumpkin bread, family gatherings… all bits of heaven pulled into a season. I cannot wait. I’m beyond excited. I am hoping fall cleanses all the junk of the year into one beautiful portrait of gold, orange and red!

There are so many things awesome about the fall. One in particular “ let the rest of the year go” enter the season of giving with love, hope, and renewal…

So my hope friends is that this season will bring a renewal, a hope we haven’t seen all year. A time to remember and value the little things. The wonderful things. More focus on new, verses past… the future again bright!

I am reading a fun book where the main character is a grim reaper… I needed som light hearted stories. It’s much needed. So find a way to laugh friends. Find a way to see hope. Cherish those family moments. They are something more precious then gold…

That is all I have tonight friends. Welcome autumn. Life and writing are a work in progress (just like me) 😉

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