Finding balance amidst chaos…

I took a few extra days off this week. They were wonderful and relaxing. I returned to work today…it was complete an utter chaos. In my absence nothing was done. I came to work to empty shelves. Talk about stress. Proceeded to work through all my breaks to get caught up. (I am a cold food prep cook at a hospital) I was raised to do unto others as you want to be treated. I would never do that to a co-worker…

It got me thinking about balance. How do you accomplish this amidst all this unnecessary work dumped on me? It’s common yes. I expected it too. However I always hold out some hope things will be different. Maybe this time. Somehow.

I could take the easy route an be angry. Say things I’ll regret. It’s not how I want to be treated…so I dug in and got things done just like I always do. There’s always that driving force inside me to do better. Work harder. Be kind no matter what. It’s something my father taught me. One of his most valuable lessons. I had no idea how much I would need this lesson until I entered to work force. I never lose the hope that people can and will do better. Another lesson from my dad.

After my whirlwind of work. I finished. I knew I could. I was exhausted. Dehydrated. Yet I accomplished my goal. I created my balance. It gave me a pause I needed to finally take a needed break and eat something.

I didn’t get mad or yell. I didn’t blame others. I just trudged through. Knowing that I could complete my tasks gave me the motivation yo continue.

So as I sit here with my fire, and my glass of wine I am in a tranquil place knowing I did a good job. Treated others with kindness. Moved forward positively. It’s something to be proud of. I urge others to try and find there balance through this storm of changes in jobs, school, family life.

That’s all I have tonight friends… Life like writing is a work in progress…(just like me) 😉

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