Knock and the door will be opened to you…only if it’s the right door.

So about two years ago I went to a critique class with “professionals” even though none of them had been published. It was a very bad experience. The people in that class were very snobbish full of themselves and they’re nonexistent careers. They had ripped my work apart to such an extent that I lost all faith in my writing ability, my storytelling anything that had to do with writing. I thought the door had been shut on me and my writing.

I forgot about writing. I decided I was just going read books and forget that dream to write my own. I was exhausted and defeated. It’s really hard to describe how much of a process writing a novel is. It takes every ounce of strength and energy, will, and emotion. I was and am a full time worker and mom. Writing was my dream. That first book took me 10 years to write. It was like my firstborn child. Complete strangers with no publications of their own had torn apart my story, in a month. Until my original story was gone. I felt like there was nothing left in me.

Then I went to the beach with my sister, my daughter and my nieces. It was the first time I had taken a vacation in forever, and it was the first time I’ve taken a vacation without my husband or my son. It was so needed. An all girls trip. Shopping, sight seeing. On our little excursions and touristy things I found an abandoned inn. It stuck me as a sad building. An Inn should be full of life, food and people. It just stuck with me. When I got back to our campsite I started writing about this abandoned Inn a Victorian house. It started evolving into a new story idea. It was the first new idea I had since I finished writing my novel.

I realized in that moment I was a story teller. I was a writer. It was part of me. Part of my soul. It made me feel alive again, rejuvenated! It became the first book in my mermaid trilogy. It takes place in a fictional town I created. It was more then I had ever tried to create before. It’s a A retelling of the little mermaid. My own special version. It’s part romance, fairytale, and with humor added in. So I may have thought my door was closing in actuality it wasn’t. It was the wrong door I was trying to open. Friends this has brought me today. This book is currently in edits. With real editors lol…My dream is so close. I am so happy that door other closed. It allowed the right one to open. So keep searching for your door because the right one will open!

That is all I have today friends…writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me) 😉

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