Bravery…in the face of failure

Being a writer is a huge risk. Your constantly putting yourself out there in hopes someone grasps what your saying…or the characters your trying to evoke. The fear of failure is always in the forefront…in your mind…in the voices from the past…trudging forward is courage in its truest form…

My biggest obstacle with my writing has been placing myself in harms way, waiting for rejections and criticism…releasing my work to the public through Amazon and Watt-pad has been incredibly difficult for me. Yet I have. It’s there in plan view as this blog is. Out in the open. Raw. Honest. Me.

My friends and family love my words. For most of my life I have written for them. It is fulfilling to a point. I want more. I want to have readers excited about my books. Waiting for new releases. For me it’s not the money. It’s the tangible book in the hands of others. A paperback validation of my hard work.

As a child I devoured every book I could get my hands on. I spent countless hours in the library. It was my life source… my blood… my escape from a difficult childhood…where I was expected to do so much. Where I was depended on like an adult. (even though I was a child age 13) I am going to contradict myself here. I am grateful for those struggles, those reasons that brought me to the library… giving an innate desire to write myself. To create those pictures in peoples minds. Give them a break from everyday life. This is still my goal. My dream.

No matter what we do there is always worry, panic, fear. It is something ingrained in us perhaps when we failed at something when we were younger, or thru a bullies comment, or a deep struggle we still harbor. The coolest thing about being a writer is that you can write about all those things. Share your battles. Share your victories. Show others that it is possible to overcome. To be brave. When the world around us is crumbling we still have that escape through words. Inspirational ones. Heroic ones. Something our parents or loved ones told us. Those are tangible things we can grasp in our hands. Or in doing things for others. Or sharing those words to others. You can find a book to help with anything. If you can’t find your topic, well then you must write it yourself.

First you must master that fear. Put yourself outside your comfort zone to accomplish this. It’s scary. It’s liberating. It is freedom. That’s all I have today readers… life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me) 😉

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