Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

I don’t know about you but I am constantly seeing all these posts on how to change a women’s body. How to look like Kim? Wtf…this irritates me because I see beauty in every women. I do not judge them be their appearance. It is there character that I see. The beauty in all the things they do on the daily to make their home a happy an blessed place to be. Am I the only one?

I have always been a huge fan of women in general. They have served as an inspiration to me on many levels. My grandmothers were prime examples of strong women who worked hard, loved with ever fiber of their being, and never gave up. Not for anyone, or anything. Trailblazers like Ruth. Audrey. Maya.

At work I am surrounded by girls wearing fake eyelashes, puffy lips, tanning, never ending dieting. Frankly it disturbs me. How can such beautiful women think they need all these fake things? I constantly tell them how smart they are, capable, remind them the artificial does not infuse intelligence. It’s something my daughter is learning too. Hair color does not make you a prettier women. How you treat others does. Kindness is more beautiful then any jewel.

I try to infuse this mentality with my fictional characters too. I want them to scream intelligence, kindness, humor. I want people to see them as individuals not by how pretty they are. Not how muscular the man is. Yes those are all nice benefits, however that is not what a relationship should be based on. Something entirely superficial. Relationships are hard fought and worth every moment. The things that matter always require grit to get there.

My grandmothers are gone now. As a child I thought they would live forever. In a way the do. Through my actions, by the way I treat people. How hard I work as a mom, and in my job with patient services. These are things they taught me. The same things I have taught my kids, my nieces, my nephews. I hope to do so with my fictional women as well.

For true beauty is found in your heart. How you treat others. How you feel about yourself is most important. Be fierce in your opinions and kind in your words. Chose respect over ridicule. Real over artificial… that is all I have today readers… life like writing is a work in progress…😉

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