And with the Fall of summer…comes the Rain…

A few weeks ago we were inundated with fires over 35 of them in Oregon alone. I was one of the many praying for rain. Thankfully it has come. I believe we are down to three major fires from 35… it is a relief to me knowing my friends and family are out of danger now. The heavy smoke has left are air finally.

One of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the green, the trees, the fresh air. I am happiest in the fall…I love the colors… sweaters and boots…also when I know all life, and green are drinking it in for the spring…I do wonder what our winter will be like though…

I realize in my stories I try to mention the weather regularly. Yet, my current story is the fall at the coast. I have not been to the coast in the fall in a long while, I need to research what it is like. It has me in a bit of a writer block…I am very familiar with fall in the city though. When my kids where young we used to go on long walks and collect the pretty leaves. I love to listen the rain though on our roof. It is soothing, I sleep much better when it rains.

I love this quote so much! One of my characters in my current novel used to be a mermaid. I am thinking I need to include a quote like this. It’s fitting. Maybe I was a mermaid in another life. I love the ocean, the whales, the storms, the water. Swimming has always been one of my favorite things to do!

I have lost many loved ones over the years. I also love this quote too. The symbolism in it. When I was a kid my dad would say rain is Gods tears. Now I think it’s just kisses from those watching over us. I still think of thunder as God bowling though, and lightening as his strike…(also something my father told me lol)

Seasons are changing, and the holidays are coming. Hoping in the coming weeks this rain will erase all the negatives of this year and give us something positive to focus on…Like leaves changing colors, Christmas lights, family togetherness…Thats all I have today readers… life and writing are a work in progress…

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