Rest well… once your mind stops…thinking…

Does this happen to anyone else? I’m exhausted… yet my mind is running like I’ve drank a gallon of coffee? You breath…you try soothing music…nothing…then just before you fall asleep a noise wakes you up? 🤔

Then I have vivid dreams, or nightmares. It’s terrifying. 🤭 …yet sometimes creates story ideas (that’s why I have a notebook bedside that reads “night notes”)

I’m trying a heating pad and muscle relaxers tonight. My back is aching. I am so tired of feeling old. My body works so hard everyday just to hurt. 😐

Praying this works. With a Dreamless pain free sleep following. Back to work tomorrow pain or not. Restored or sore. We shall see. 🤫

Crossing my fingers and toes. Snuggling down with my blankets. Fan on low for circulation. Writing and life are a work in progress… just like a good nights sleep… that’s all I have tonight friends…😴

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