The language of change…

Lately, I have been deep in my thoughts…(sorry for the delay in posts)…I started thinking about all the different ways to say things…The languages…The cultures…the foods…I love injecting culture into my families, and the characters I write. I find other traditions fascinating…ironically my family is just as diverse…Irish, Italian, German, Swedish, Native American…to name a few!

The tides in my life are changing again, as I’m grasping for balance, our world is teetering back and forth… I’m turning on an axis that never stops…not for back injuries( yeah that happened in my days between posts), viruses, or even political, and civil unrest.

They say home is where the heart is…What if you don’t have a home? What then? What if the space you called home was gone in an instant…so many friends and family of mine have been displaced because of these fires…I myself do not have a home right now just an RV…I am so grateful to have that roof over my head, electricity, water. (Even without a concrete foundation I have those)…I find myself sad sometimes because of this lack of this physical, tangible thing that is mine…the one solid thing I have in my life is my words…my writing…it’s the other part of my whole…(at least the creative me, the physical me has my other half in my husband lol)

As I study these words. Their meanings. I grasp a whole new outlook on things…Life is a funny that way…my biggest weakness is trying to find a balance that works for me… and those in my life…it’s not as easy as it looks…please don’t misinterpret my words… I am so thankful for this life I am given…blessed with healthy family and friends…I am married to my true love and best friend…sometimes even the lucky ones get lonely, sad, lost, lose that balance they have been grasping so hard…it’s not the missteps…it’s drawing strength from inside…taking a deep breath…(or a glass of wine or a Zantac 😉) climbing up that staircase of life an reaching that top step…

When reaching that goal, even a tiny one. (Like me writing this everyday) that is the forward motion we need to keep believing, keep hope alive, to see those silver linings (like rain coming 🤞) the holidays are steps away…maybe that is what we all need some old fashioned cheer…(well I do🦃🎄) balance in all things is necessary. (Especially when I’m walking 😆) life and writing is a work in progress… that is all I have today friends… thanks for listening…

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