Coffee understands…

Do you rely on a caffeinated beverage to function. Are you cranky until you have said beverage…once that steaming cup of joe touches your lips the sunshine breaks through the clouds and birds sing…

My days off seem like and endless slew of hours upon hours. No rest and more duties…is it really a day off then?

Coffee has been a constant in my life… It’s the reason I can function. I do not believe I am addicted to coffee…I feel I’m in a committed relationship with this beverage…Something I can look forward to everyday!

Have you seen the coffee creamer section at the grocery store? Talk about indecision…when there are so many flavors to chose from, when you can literally have a different type of coffee everyday it’s like heaven in a ceramic mug…spices and flavors that bring comfort…

It has been proven that writers rely on beverages for inspiration, functionality, focus, sense of humor at times…so do I…(and ramblings)

It is no secret that I rely on two beverages…Coffee in the am, wine in the pm… this does not make me an alcoholic… it just proves I like things in a consistent pattern of comfort.

As I start my work week tomorrow I am thankful for coffee, cozy blankets, and sleep. Until tomorrow friends that is all I have tonight! Writing and life are a constant work in progress…

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