Cabernet…and modivation

I think writing is exactly like a real relationship that you actually care about. It has its ups and downs. It’s successes and fails. Creative inspiration and no modivation… it’s the balance that is hard…trying to figure out how to make it all work…

Like plot holes. A rut. Lack of disagreements no conflict. Every relationship reaches these points. Some say seven year inch. Mine hit at year thirteen. Now that I have finished two books all I see are their defects. I have spent so much time on editing I have lost my juice… I tried to be creative last week an ended up editing.

So I started looking through my old writing. I found that story I wrote in college. It made me think about my past, my younger years, I also found a writer prompt, and am working on a contest entry… all these in hopes of getting my mojo back…

Of course wine is my thing, a glass of Cabernet tonight as I unwind, helps me relax…this blog has been very therapeutic for me. I am grateful for a space where I can share a part of myself with others. A space were one can be honest. Admit struggles, and find a way to overcome them…

So Budda is right… what you think, you become…what you feel, you attract…what you imagine, you attract…this is a true statement. We are a direct representation of what we present to others. I just hope my honesty is appreciated and understood. Thanks for reading..that is all I have for tonight…

Life and writing are a work in progress…😉

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