Plain and simple…just tired

Do you ever have those days where everything goes wrong because your tired? Then when you try to go to sleep you can’t? This happens to me so often…it’s so frustrating.

Work has been so difficult lately. Worrying about family even worse. Maybe this is just pent up emotions from this whole year already? I’m not sure…

Emotions tend to run rabid… when I’m exhausted…imagination too. Talk about vivid nightmares involving family members, Fire, and Armageddon…not sleep for me last night at all. Smoke thick in air. Fears burning my stomach. My husband had a rough night too trouble breathing. I am praying tonight will be better for all our sakes.

Completely exhausted me is heading to bed. Hoping for a good nights sleep. That is all I have tonight friends. Hope you all sleep well. That your families are safe.

Writing and life…are a work in progress…

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