A Saturday like any other should smell as sweet….

I think I mentioned before that I take Saturday for myself. To write. My family allows this. It has been essential to my recent successes.

I am constantly my worst critic. I have had a few bad apples in my life that have said negative things about it. Even with all my hard work. I still hear them in the back of my mind. “Your not good enough,”your not qualified to be a writer.” Things like that play over and over in my mind like a broken record.

Except on Saturday I shut everything else out, turn off devices, tv etc. Just my laptop, my notes and a oversized cup of coffee.

Recently on this blog and thru watt-pad I have taken a huge leap. I have allowed myself to dream, create, be… it is surprising that it has taken me this long to accept myself. Accept my writing as part of me. I am reaching a point now where I am strong. I am confident. I am happier when I write.

I guess I am learning that dreaming never stops. Confidence only grows. Creating is what I love.

Shakespeare has always been an inspiring person to me. He has become a legend. A uneducated man, poor, an actor. Rose to be one of the most beautiful voices in writing. I admire his courage, determination and his ultimate success. I aspire to be someone’s favorite author one day… like I always say…life and writing are a work In progress… that is all I have tonight friends. Thanks for reading…

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