Take a deep breath…inhale the ocean

I took a short break from all things media. I was feeling completely overwhelmed about pretty much everything. I don’t do change well…ok I’ll explain…

I started the editing process with my finished novels. I republished a bunch of stories on amazon. Updated all my info there. Started this blog. Tried to go over all critique comments an respond…while working full time… and trying to get my son help for his now online only school…frankly I was exhausted…my husband God love him said let’s go to beach…hallelujah!!!

Most of my days off are filled with endless errands, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning. Getting a break happens rarely. I am so relieved we took that time together. I feel so much better.

Now with renewed vigor I am back today. I’m still tired I think I always will be. However I am determined to make this writing dream real. I also have to remember self care… is so important. It is hard as a mother who has worked full time since her babies have been born to realize that is ok…me time is not selfish it’s necessary for my health, my happiness, my future as a novelist…

So friends that is all I have today. I am posting a new gem on my watt-pad account… I discovered it while cleaning actually my attempt at a young/new adult novel. Such fun reading it again. Hope you enjoy it too…it’s like I always say writing and life are a work in progress…😉

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