Feminine wiles…feminine trials

I have noticed that birth control is a tricky subject for some. Might seem like an odd topic for a blog? (Well I did say my imaginative ramblings)

Anyway, I have been reading a lot since this whole quarantine thing started averaging three books a week. My calculations have me at 98 books so far this year. I mostly read romance novels, historical, mystery, thriller…I have noticed that birth control seems to be an unpopular topic…

Speaking from experience I think it is important for a women to have control over her body and when she wants to have kids. Too often in stories it is ignored, men don’t use condoms etc… doesn’t this give women the wrong message? It’s ok to have unprotected sex? I guess I’m speaking as a mom too. I have made sure my daughter knows the risks and takes precautions. its completely ok for the guy to not protect his partner? I appreciate stories that touch on this subject…

Only reason I mention this is because my hospital just invested in a company that makes iuds and they donate them to third world countries to give women there a voice…imagine being in control of yourself? I find it inspiring…I personally use a iud… I love it…so I guess this goes back to self care, that also pertains to your family, household, life just about everything…that’s all I’ve got tonight readers…

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