Campfires and wine…

Lately after my very long work day. I make dinner then light the little fire pit we have in our front yard, then I pour myself a glass of wine and just stare into its flames… somehow I find this utterly relaxing, I can completely unwind… it is a little thing that does so much… self care even in the most difficult times always helps… 🍷🔥

🙃I have a teenage son who spends most of his time in his room, around our little fires I can actually get him to open up about his day… it is literally the highlight of my day. (Ps…S’mores work very well with teenagers too!) watch out pun coming!! 🤪

After lengthy discussions… venting… possibly two glasses of wine…Then my mind is alive with ideas, concepts, new stories I always have a notebook handy. I have come up with two new concepts tonight… a pirate treasure? A soldier’s series where they enter society as civilians and maybe find love… set in my cute seaside town… I get excited with new ideas… so far my only scheduled day to write is Saturday… so I’m keeping it. That way I can just write…

So friends, take time for you. With wine or campfires. Walks, reading, laughing, whatever. It helps so much… bye for now! 😉

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