My life in a nutshell…

I work full time at a hospital, I am in charge of the patients food. It is a big responsibility. I’m a cold food prep cook. I actually love it. I tried customer service, retail, a bank… none of them fit my detail oriented personality. I found my niche in production. I am happy I give patients Healthy food to eat…that is my day job. It takes so much energy to be on my feet eight hours non-stop.

My evening job, day off job… fun job… is my writing. For years it has been a passion, hobby of mine. I have always had that dream of publication, in print. I am working with editors now, searching for my agent, praying I’ll be able to complete my dream. It is scary to be close…yet so far away too…

So this blog is a chance to voice my opinions, my process, my successes, my fails, as honestly as I can. For no other reason then I need to express it to someone… so they can relate, understand what a process a novel truly is…. it’s much more then I thought! More learning, practice, diligence then I ever realized… but so worth it… it’s kinda like marriage, or parenting. A work that is rewarding, exhausting, emotionally draining, yet in some weird way so completely worth it….

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