🫧Mermaids,and book three😏

I started this journey with an idea. A love of the little mermaid. Now it has evolved into a trilogy and it’s wonderful, amazing, fun. I have not figured out everything yet. I have started outlining again. Third book is super important, more important then the other two. It is the conclusion and the end…it has to be great, phenomenal, awe inspiring. (Ok it just has to be complete, and good)

However I have hit major roadblocks with this book. Mostly family stuff. Health troubles. I have learned that sometimes the process takes longer then expected. I feel like the other two were so easy to write. I was able to fumble through. However through their edits I’ve discover my protagonists in this book were not as fully developed as I thought. They were very two dimensional .

So me being a pantser normally I aspire to be a plotter. Mainly because I have not been able to get my book done the old fashioned way. Bottom line I have not taken the time too. I have made so many excuses. Today I made the decision to put butt in chair no matter what. It worked. Words flowed like water. It is such an immense relief to see myself write again. I was beginning to think this was it. I don’t have a third book in me.

Do you ever have those epiphany moments were…omg this might work. Lately each time is sit down to write I have been having these types of moments. Fingers and toes crossed for continued progression.

That is all I have for tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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