What is in a name…🙃

I am a nerd in all things. So researching names is a fun hobby for me. It is fascinating how names have meanings, colors, history. Each name I chose doesn’t just sound cool it has meaning behind it too! That way it’s more memorable.

I think names can be very magical. Also stereotypical. However they can have serious meaning too. They can contain symbolic significance. A name is very important.

I even consider my video game characters names very carefully. They need to convey the person in this game. How I think of them. What attitude I give them. It is incredibly fun to find one that completely works for that fictional character weather it be in a story or a game.

I found these beautiful images online. They seriously shout that character name. They are beautiful photographs. They are images in which you could write an entire story from. I consistently use photos I find as inspiration. It is a great thing when you can find exactly what you were thinking in a name and in a photo for a character.

In romance stories I feel the male protagonist name is super important to. If it doesn’t fit him, how are we supposed to fall in love with him just as the heroine does. I always loved Noah, Jonah, Liam. My husband hated them though. I did get Isaiah as a middle name though. It definitely fits my son.

So when figuring out a name make sure it’s historically accurate, or appropriate for the time period. Make sure it exudes what you want readers to feel and experience.

That is all I have for tonight friends. Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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