🎄Favorite Christmas movies and favorite memories…❤️

Every year we watch certain movies that evoke Christmas for us. It does not feel like Christmas until we see and hear them. My favorite book of all time is “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens… it is such a beautiful story about redemption and second chances…

My favorite version of this book is a musical version with Actor Kelsey Grammar… music really evokes emotion with me. Tears, memories come flooding back with each film… each song.

Bing Crosby is called the voice of Christmas his songs are so moving for us. My father and I would put his record on and listen to him for hours.

Then there are the films that just make you laugh out loud. This one in particular is my kids and nieces and nephews favorite. They laugh hysterically, I love to listen to their laughter.

One of the most potent lessons in Christmas Carol is kindness, giving of oneself. It is super important to do, giving back allows you to feel something more. So much more then just a gift. It’s opening your heart to give more then normal, thinking of others before yourself.

So the above statement… keep Christmas in your heart all year…give to others all year round… think of others before yourself… these are all things we can all practice everyday.

So friends get cozy, have some hot chocolate… go to the giving tree at your local store… donate a grocery card, a toy, a book at your local bookstore…maybe even practice this all year round. It will change your outlook on many things… maybe even give you hope you forgot you had.

That is all I have tonight friends. Life and writing are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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