Sunshine and Daisies‚Ķand the power of a memoryūüĆľ

Flowers my son picked for me…

I have noticed all the daisies are in bloom. What a lovely sight they are! They are literally everywhere. Then I remembered my parents got married in June, and my mom had a bouquet of daisies. All these memories about daisies came flooding back!

I used to pick them with my mom as a kid. We used to make daisy chains for our hair. The bouquet my son picked triggered the memory. It is amazing to me how a flower, object, a smell, a food bring those back. Memories can transcend centuries.

The female protagonist in my current book lost her memory with an accident. She has recently recovered it. She has been raised with a silver spoon yet she wants nothing to do with her family, their money. So the statement above is accurate she would rather have a daisy chain in her hair…then diamonds around her neck. Her favorite flower is the daisy. It makes her happy.

When I am writing characters I always try to use influences from my childhood or my life to give a realistic portrayal. Those emotional tie ins thru memory are especially gratifying in the context of a story. They remind us of times of childhood, weddings, the possibilities endless.

My female protagonist has a lot to learn. That’s what makes her unique she is not your typical rich kid…My male protagonist has a lot to teach her…about family, compassion, and so much more…Maybe they both could learn something from a daisy.

Sunshine is everywhere. It is lovely and warm. I am a firm supporter of summer. My favorite season is the fall. I appreciate the summer when we have it. I read more. I am outside more. The last thing on my mind is tv, or cooking indoor our grill is constantly cooking in the summer!

That‚Äôs all I have tonight friends. Writing and life are a work process‚Ķ(just like me)ūüėČ

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