Spring clutter (I mean cleaning)…let it go…(really I mean it)🤨

Note to self…taking vacation days to clean not fun at all. Many Hours. Yucky Dirty. Scrubbing. Elbow grease. Praying it will stay clean and be appreciated. (How did I get this much stuff?)

It is symbolic to think of spring as a new beginning? Use spring cleaning to accomplish this? Well it’s not fun. It is exhausting. Anger induced craziness. Yet necessary…Maybe?

When it’s finished you think…wow why didn’t I do this sooner…(nah you think…wtf!) then you think how did I get this much junk? Clothes, shoes, dishes, pots, pans, glassware? Do I need twenty of something?🤔 Um…the answer is NO… get rid of it immediately! (do you want to be on that show hoarders??)

The one item I cannot ever part with is my books. (They are mine.) If someone gives me books however and it was not a good one… (they all are good ones though) yes they go…only then.

So note to self friends…#1 do not take vacation days to clean…(just don’t) #2 Try to get rid of stuff every month…(then you won’t end up like me lol) #3 Clutter holds us back from everything let it go…(then you can buy more books😉)

That is all I have tonight friends…Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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