Premise…inspiration…follow thru… and maybe some pink lemonade vodka to wash it down…🙃

I achieved a major milestone last week. I finished writing the second book in my trilogy. It is amazing to me that a simple idea, an abandoned house has evolved into so much more. Now comes the biggest challenge of all concluding it…

I took a hiatus from all things writing. (I have to ) My left brain is scary…I edit in my sleep…I have nightmares about it…I needed to take a break from overthinking…otherwise I start deleting the good stuff that cannot be rewritten. My first novel suffered the consequences of that action. I am trying to learn and improve with each story I write.

Now I must write the third book. It is a conclusion. I must tie up all lose ends, make sure I don’t forget them. So I started outlining this book. I need to have a clear map. I need to make sure I cover all points…I am putting all the pressure on myself again, panic and worry are setting in. So in my case breaks are essential and beneficial.

Never in my wildest dreams, in that spark of an idea did I think…I am going to write a series…set in a fictional town I create…invent a curse…rope in a sea god…an use a fairytale… it’s a culmination of everything I love in books. Never did I think… yeah you could write that! Yet… here I am beginning book three tomorrow.

My father told me I was born with a fist in the air screaming at the top of my lungs. I was given a zero percent chance to live due to my premature status in 1977…I am here. I have survived countless dead end jobs, lived paycheck to paycheck…raised my amazing kids… now I can grasp what I thru my fist in the air for… my dream… my books…My hope is…I will succeed.

So that is all I have tonight friends. My outlining continues…my conclusion to my trilogy eminent…wish me luck…Writing and life are a work in progress…(just like me)😉

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